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If you are interested in learning more about how your team or organization can become a USPA partner, please contact Rob York at or 405.370.7203.

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, USA Canoe & Kayak is a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Canoe Federation. It governs the Olympic disciplines of Flatwater Sprint, Whitewater Slalom, the Paralympic discipline of Paracanoe and sanctions Freestyle, Marathon, Outrigger, Wildwater, Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayak Polo, Dragon Boat and Canoe Sailing in the United States.

USA Canoe & Kayak has many student athletes who are thriving in their sport, deep in competition, and traveling to events across the United States and around the world. USA Canoe & Kayak saw the challenges students were facing in balancing the rigors of competition and the demands of a traditional school.

In an effort to find a solution, USA Canoe & Kayak began searching for a school that would allow their athletes to succeed on the water and in the classroom. USA Canoe & Kayak needed an educational option for those students who were struggling to balance their unique schedule. US Performance Academy has become the official and exclusive educational provider for USA Canoe & Kayak.

This partnership positively supports both USPA’s and USA Canoe & Kayak’s commitment to its mission and programs. Young competitive canoe and kayakers can now readily focus on their sport during competition with USA Canoe & Kayak and thrive in their learning during a time that works for them with USPA.

USPA is excited to support these hard-working and driven students at USA Canoe & Kayak. With the customized school calendar, learning coaches, network of athletes, and more, US Performance Academy is fully equipt to support the unique lifestyle of competitive athletes. The USPA leadership team is honored to have the partnership with USA Canoe & Kayak and is looking forward to keeping their athletes on track to success.

“Our athletes are, of course, passionate about success on the water. But they also desire to do well in school and prepare for college.” says Joe Jacobi, USA Canoe/Kayak CEO, “After conversations with leadership at USPA, and fully vetting the process, we recognized an outstanding opportunity for ambitious athletes while serving our organizational mission and goals. USPA serves student athletes where they reside as well the competitions and camps to which they travel.”

“We are facing a new generation in education.” says President of USPA, Peter Smith. “Young competitive athletes can utilize technology in their learning to boost their quality of life. For the first time, students can travel to competitions, excel in their education, and maintain a life at home without becoming overwhelmed. Our school is designed to teach students to work smarter, not harder. We are excited to partner with the folks at USA Canoe/Kayak. Joe and the entire USA Canoe/Kayak team are showing a real commitment and effort to support their student athletes.”

For more information about USA Canoe & Kayak, please visit us on the web at, on Twitter at @usacanoekayak and Like us on Facebook at

7k International Skating Academy has partnered with US Performance Academy to provide excellence in training and academics for figure skating student athletes.

The 7k International Skating Academy is built on the platform of teamwork, dedication, passion, and honesty. Resting 7,000 feet above sea level, it is the highest rink in the US used for dynamic altitude training. The 7k program is unique and on the cutting edge of the industry by providing a wide variety of classes from technical progression to program component improvement. They offer programming that establishes competitive skaters from a young age through an Olympic experience.

7K Logo

With seven core values, one of which being ‘opportunity’, 7k searches for expansion of their young athletes’ opportunities in unique ways. With the intensive training, travel, and focus on figure skating, athletes need an alternative form of education that is flexible and personalized, while still being rigorous and goal-oriented. The partnership with US Performance Academy has accomplished this for 7k.

Heather Aseltine, Administrative Director at 7k says, “The 7k International Skating Academy is proud to be partnering with the US Performance Academy to promote the importance of education, both nationally and internationally. USPA offers our dedicated, elite athletes an online educational opportunity with personal attention provided throughout their competitive journeys. We are thrilled to promote our commitment to academics as well as athletics with the assistance of USPA.” With the personalized coaching at 7k and now the personalized approach to academics, these young, figure skating athletes have every opportunity to be the best athlete and student possible. Led by Kori Ade, national and international Olympic coach, Rohene Ward, Olympic choreographer and coach, and Heather Aseltine, US Figure Skating double gold medalist and national collegiate champion, 7k offers a positive environment full of experience, encouragement, passion, and skill. Continuing their trend in excellence, 7k has chosen to partner with USPA in order to blend 21st century educational innovation with world-class competitive athletics.

“It is obvious from our initial conversations that the 7k team is made up of an exceptional group of student athletes.” says US Performance Academy President, Peter Smith. “Their demanding schedules, motivated attitudes, and focus to excel matches our current student body. We readily acknowledge that we are not your typical school. We expect a great deal from our students, academically. The 7k student athletes will be joining a student body made up of athletes from all over the world who share a common understanding of what it takes to succeed at such a high level. Our dedicated and highly qualified team understands the motivation and mindset of each of our students. Our staff help celebrate each athletic accomplishment and our students help support each other through our network of athletes around the world. I’m confident that this will be a great opportunity for their student athletes to benefit from a highly flexible schedule combined with personalized support that is designed to provide an advantage, both academically and on the ice.”

For more information about 7k, visit

US Performance Academy has been chosen by U.S. Synchronized Swimming as an exclusive education option for its young student athletes. The two entities have formed an official partnership in order to provide a unique opportunity for middle and high school student athletes.

Myriam Glez, USA Synchro CEO/High Performance Director, says, “USA Synchro is very excited to start a partnership with US Performance Academy. For the last year, one of our top athletes, Anita Alvarez, has studied through USPA and has had a very positive experience. We are now happy to be able to offer this opportunity to other athletes. This program provides the flexibility that synchronized swimmers need for their training. We look forward to having more athletes use USPA.”

synchro_top_logoUS Performance Academy student Anita Alvarez has been selected as part of the U.S. Olympic Qualification Duet for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. As a competitive athlete, Anita has been training almost 40 hours a week for the past year. Alvarez finished sixth at the French Open in March. She also competed at the FINA World Championships in Kazan, Russia, in July, finishing 11th in duet free and 12th in duet tech. Alvarez and her team won gold at the 2015 U.S. Open, gold at the 2015 U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Championships, and bronze at the 2015 Pan Am Games.

With all of the competition, training, and travel with U.S. Synchronized Swimming, Anita has not been able to attend a traditional high school. She and her family found US Performance Academy to be a great fit. USPA is a digital, independent middle and high school designed for competitive athletes. Anita’s academic schedule is customized to fit her training schedule. Her teachers, learning coach, and college counselor all work together to ensure she is receiving a rigorous education that fits into her unique schedule.

“We are lucky to have a future Olympian as part of our student body,” says Peter Smith, USPA President. “And we are happy to be partnering with a unique and challenging athletic entity in U.S. Synchronized Swimming. Whether it’s a more flexible academic schedule to support their goals in the pool, or an individualized learning plan created around their travel, we are really excited for this partnership launch.”

More about USA Synchro:

USA Synchro was established as a nonprofit organization in 1977, and is the United States national governing body for the sport, recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and FINA (Federal Internationale de Natation Amateur) – the international governing federation. USA Synchro organizes, participates in, and promotes a variety of competitive events each year. These events begin at the local level and continue in the following categories: Age Group (12-19), Junior (15-18), Senior and Masters (20+). For more information, visit, and @usasynchro.

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SA LOGO finalUS Performance Academy (USPA) has partnered with Surfing America in order to provide traveling athletes with a flexible yet rigorous education. Athletes who are a part of the Surfing America USA Junior Surf Team and Surfing America Prime Series surfers now have the opportunity to attend their middle and high school classes online, at a time that fits into their schedule. Surfing competitions for the USA Junior Surf Team and elite Prime surfers occur all over the world. Travel is a part of each competitive surf athlete’s life. Training is often during times in which traditional school hours occur.

Executive Director of Surfing America, Greg Cruse, says “Many of our young athletes are traveling, training, and succeeding in their sport. In October, our team became the 2015 World Junior Surfing Champions at the International Surfing Association competition. These kids are dedicated athletes who need to manage their time efficiently to get through all their training, travel and schoolwork. It is my experience that traditional online home-school programs don’t necessarily have the flexibility or accountability required for success. I wanted to provide our surfers with an education option that would fit their unique competitive schedule. USPA offers our athletes the opportunity to thrive in their studies while they compete. Built for athletes, this school really gets it.”

USPA offers a custom schedule and school calendar for each student athlete. They also receive access to a personal learning coach, online teachers, life skills training, a network of other athletes around the world, and college counseling. USPA entered into a partnership with Surfing America in early January 2016.

“The travel and competition in surfing is truly demanding.” says Peter Smith, USPA President. “The challenges that these students face around traveling, competing, and academics is one of the main reasons USPA was founded. Greg, the athletes, their parents, and coaches work incredibly hard to create a strong team and we want to take the burden of education off their shoulders. At USPA, we understand the rigor behind competitive athletics and create a learning environment that fits each individual student. Our curriculum travels with the athlete, pauses as needed, and challenges even the most advanced student. In addition to a traditional academic platform, USPA athletes participate in our Foundations Program which helps traveling athletes learn how to balance school and sport and incorporates various life skills which includes communication, collaboration, and goal setting. I look forward to working with the surfing families and following all of their successes both on and off the water.”

To learn more about Surfing America, visit

More about Surfing America:

As the official International Surfing Association recognized National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in the United States, Surfing America is responsible for holding the USA Surfing Championships and Team Trials event each year and for selecting, training and fielding the official USA Surf Teams to compete internationally. Please contact Greg Cruse at info(at)SurfingAmerica(dot)org for more information.

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US Performance Academy and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association announce a partnership to provide high school age U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing national team student athletes with a flexible, rigorous, individualized and supportive online high school education program that meets their unique academic needs and schedules.

USSA athletes who are still in high school account for nearly 25% of the national team members, and these young athletes are required to actively pursue a high school diploma while training, competing and traveling globally throughout the year. Excelling in school requires the athlete’s dedication, drive and discipline as well as consistent support and guidance from parents, teachers, and coaches. The partnership between USSA and USPA is built on mutual understanding of and respect for this dynamic. USPA also offers personal learning coaches, online and in-person teachers, life skills training, college counseling, and a network of elite athletes from various competitive sports.

“Education opportunities and academic success are very important to many of our younger athletes and their families,” said USSA Head of Athlete Career & Education (ACE) Julie Glusker. “Keeping up with schoolwork demands self-sufficiency and time management, and USPA effectively inspires and instills these skills in our athletes. We were excited to connect with the USPA program team and teachers this past year because they focus on elite athletes. USPA educators have a relevant understanding of our athlete’s needs and give them access to a challenging, accredited curriculum supported by experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated teachers.”

“We are very excited and proud to be a partner with such an outstanding organization as USSA,” says Peter Smith, USPA President. “We provide an amazing experience designed specifically for our student athletes. Having Julie and her team utilize our school with USSA student athletes means a great deal to our entire community. We have really enjoyed working with USSA athletes and look forward to their continued successes long into the future.”

About USSA
The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) is the national governing body of Olympic skiing and snowboarding. The USSA provides leadership and direction for tens of thousands of young skiers and snowboarders, encouraging and supporting them in achieving excellence. By empowering national teams, clubs, coaches, parents, officials, volunteers and fans, the USSA is committed to the progression of its sports and athlete success. Established in 1905, the USSA receives no direct government support, operating solely through private donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to fund athletic programs to assist athletes in reaching their dreams.

The USSA encourages and supports the national team athletes in their academic pursuits throughout high school, college and life beyond the slopes. For more information, please contact Julie Glusker, Head of Athlete Career & Education at USSA, at jglusker(at)

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Private, accredited, online school for athletes US Performance Academy (USPA), and developmental hockey training program Tahoe Hockey Academy (THA) have partnered in order to provide high school aged hockey athletes with the athletic and academic skills to prepare for their future.

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Located in South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Hockey Academy has developed a high-end hockey skills, team development, and full-time boarding academy for talented young hockey student-athletes. In concert with USPA, composed of educators, instructors, specialists, and coaches, Tahoe Hockey Academy provides student-athletes with a customized academic curriculum and calendar combined with athletic training to prepare them for success on and off the ice.

“The academic component was key to establishing our Academy as a premier prep school option on the West Coast,” said Leo Fenn, Tahoe Hockey Academy President. “After several meetings with Pete Smith, we determined USPA, with their blended learning environment, was a perfect fit for our prep school. Our primary goal is the development of our student-athletes academically and athletically in reaching their full potential as well as, most importantly, the character development of each student-athlete as an individual.”

With a new opportunity on the west coast for serious, college prep level hockey players, Tahoe Hockey Academy offers boarding, meals, on and off ice training, academics, and skills counseling.

“What struck me the most about THA was the fact that Leo and his team are not singularly focused on winning games,” said Peter Smith, USPA President. “Instead, they are taking a holistic approach that not only makes them great hockey players, but also focuses on making each student a great individual.”

Tahoe Hockey Academy is now accepting applications. Visit their website at to learn more and apply.

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