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At US Performance Academy, we recognize that parents have incredibly busy schedules. Supporting a student athlete only adds to your daily challenges. We want to add as much support and help as we can. As a parent, you will be invited to participate in each of our parent educational programs.

Our programs include sets of informational US Performance Academy webinars from our own USPA leadership. Educational experts and industry leaders will offer their expertise on supporting student athletes. They will provide best practices for enabling them to take responsibility in their own learning. Performance and athletic experts, including coaches, trainers, and sports psychologists, will join USPA over the course of the year.

They will share insights and ideas about balancing the many demands in your child’s life. We encourage all of you to join us and include the students to equip yourselves with the tools needed to succeed. It’s a great way to start conversations around the dinner table with your children.


US Performance Academy Webinars

Our webinars inform families about:

  • Balancing individual and family needs
  • Best practices for supporting your USPA student
  • Balancing academics and athletics
  • Including the rest of the family
  • Community and network building
  • College readiness

US Performance Academy Webinars will be recorded so they will be available on demand to all USPA families. You can watch the pre-recorded webinars anytime, and even share them with friends and family. Watching the US Performance Academy webinars gives you insight into the programs and process of our unique educational model.

Of course, in addition to US Performance Academy Webinars, we will post student experiences, learning coach insights, and coaches perspectives. These provide a different and helpful perspective on how to support our scholar athletes. There will also be opportunities to meet in person during regional social events, orientations, and educational fairs which you can read more about in community building.