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The USPA Story

An Integrated System of Athletics and Academics

US Performance Academy is an independent school for competitive athletes in middle and high school. Blending 21st century educational innovation with world-class competitive athletics, our unique program will challenge highly-motivated students, providing them with the skills and expertise needed to compete at the highest levels of academics, sport, adventure, and life.

blue-quote-60-heightDuring competitions, it’s really nice because I can take a couple days off just to set my mind to competitions and then come back and keep doing school and I try to get ahead before the competitions or whatever big trip is going to be coming up.

– USPA Student uspa-student-7

The USPA Story – Our Approach

Combining advanced technology with high-performance athletics, students are enabled to take their learning with them using USPA’s accredited course material combined with 24/7 content expert support. This access is combined with a completely customizable academic calendar, built to ensure that student athletes are able to focus during competitions.

Our focus on student-athlete development will help him or her strive to achieve their personal best in both academics and sport.

Academically, the USPA pathway will prepare students for college and beyond, providing a global education and the skills to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, preparing young athletes to compete and win in the international arena without sacrificing excellence in academics.

Why the USPA Story Matters

The US Performance Academy will transform the way athletes learn, train, and perform on the national and international stage. A paradigm shifting academic model, USPA is creating the first of its kind, 21st century learning environment.

With a rigorous curriculum launched from a proprietary digital platform, the USPA program will power transformational academic achievement and enable students to seamlessly migrate their daily academic work to any training center around the world.

As a result, students will absorb information and master concepts in an efficient manner to create the time needed to accelerate their performance achievement on the field.