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Schedule & Workload

Balancing Work and Training Schedules

While online courses offer flexibility, they also require self-motivation and time management skills. Most students can expect to spend 4-5 hours per day on their coursework. We encourage students to review and/or submit work five times a week when not at major competitions. Our online calendar template allows students to schedule their coursework over a 12 month period to permit winter athletes to do more focused work during the summer and for summer athletes to increase their workload in the winter. Our learning coaches work closely with students to plan appropriate schedules.

blue-quote-60-heightWhen everybody’s training during the day, then she’s able to do that. When we have to travel all together, she’s able to do that. She can put things on hold if she wants to. So that is definitely really helpful for the team.

– Coach of USPA Student USPA-coach-quote-1

Sample Courses of Study

Students are required to complete a minimum of 20 academic credits to graduate. The majority of students undertake programs with greater depth and breadth than the minimum requirements. Please consult the USPA Course Catalog for a full listing of available courses.

A typical full-time course of study at USPA typically comprises five academic courses per year. USPA Learning Coaches work with all students to help them craft a manageable academic program. See links below for a sample:

Middle School
Upper School