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USACK_logo_soloHeadquartered in Oklahoma City, USA Canoe & Kayak is a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Canoe Federation. It governs the Olympic disciplines of Flatwater Sprint, Whitewater Slalom, the Paralympic discipline of Paracanoe and sanctions Freestyle, Marathon, Outrigger, Wildwater, Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayak Polo, Dragon Boat and Canoe Sailing in the United States.

USA Canoe & Kayak has many student athletes who are thriving in their sport, deep in competition, and traveling to events across the United States and around the world. USA Canoe & Kayak saw the challenges students were facing in balancing the rigors of competition and the demands of a traditional school. In an effort to find a solution, USA Canoe & Kayak began searching for a school that would allow their athletes to succeed on the water and in the classroom. USA Canoe & Kayak needed an educational option for those students who were struggling to balance their unique schedule. US Performance Academy has become the official and exclusive educational provider for USA Canoe & Kayak.

This partnership positively supports both USPA’s and USA Canoe & Kayak’s commitment to its mission and programs. Young competitive canoe and kayakers can now readily focus on their sport during competition with USA Canoe & Kayak and thrive in their learning during a time that works for them with USPA.

USPA is excited to support these hard-working and driven students at USA Canoe & Kayak. With the customized school calendar, learning coaches, network of athletes, and more, US Performance Academy is fully equipt to support the unique lifestyle of competitive athletes. The USPA leadership team is honored to have the partnership with USA Canoe & Kayak and is looking forward to keeping their athletes on track to success.

“Our athletes are, of course, passionate about success on the water. But they also desire to do well in school and prepare for college.” says Joe Jacobi, USA Canoe/Kayak CEO, “After conversations with leadership at USPA, and fully vetting the process, we recognized an outstanding opportunity for ambitious athletes while serving our organizational mission and goals. USPA serves student athletes where they reside as well the competitions and camps to which they travel.”

“We are facing a new generation in education.” says President of USPA, Peter Smith. “Young competitive athletes can utilize technology in their learning to boost their quality of life. For the first time, students can travel to competitions, excel in their education, and maintain a life at home without becoming overwhelmed. Our school is designed to teach students to work smarter, not harder. We are excited to partner with the folks at USA Canoe/Kayak. Joe and the entire USA Canoe/Kayak team are showing a real commitment and effort to support their student athletes.”

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Untitled-1Academics Meets Athletics for Young Athlete Success. US Performance Academy Partners with Excel Soccer Management.

A new partnership has formed between two youth-focused groups in order to improve young athletes’ experiences. From coaching services to a college-prep education, this partnership gives high performing soccer students everything they need to be successful.

Excel Soccer Management provides a range of services include coaching, camps, tours, and events to young, competitive soccer players around the US and Europe. US Performance Academy is an online, independent, college-prep, middle and high school specifically designed to support the demanding schedule of today’s athletes. These two organizations have teamed up to create a complete solution for today’s competitive soccer student athlete.

Michael Townsend, Owner of Excel Soccer Management, played amateur football in the UK up to county level before taking a referee career. He began coaching in 1980 with a local boys team who went on to play youth teams at Leeds, Barnsley, Everton and Huddersfield. In 1982, he took a Leeds United representative youth team to Denmark. Five players from that team went on to become professional players most notably, Scott Sellers. He came to the States in 2001 and since 2004 has been working with Excel.

“Our athletes are driven, focused, and enthusiastic about competing.” says Townsend. “They train with us up to 6 hours per week. I am passionate about their success. With our new partnership with US Performance Academy, we no longer have to worry about our athletes missing practices or school assignments. It removes the scheduling nightmares and conflicts between school and sport. We can now focus on coaching players up to 15 hours each week, knowing that our athletes are also getting a great academic experience.”

Peter Smith, President of US Performance Academy, has over 25 years experience as educator in both the sailing and independent school arenas. Peter coached and qualified and competed in the final stage of the US Olympic Trials for the 2000 Games. He began his career as a teacher, coach and advisor at St. Paul’s School in Baltimore, MD. He earned his Masters in Independent School Leadership from the Klingenstein Institute at Columbia University before taking a leadership position at St. Andrew’s School in Savannah, GA where he spearheaded iDiscover21c, one of the first 1:1 iPad implementation programs for K-12 in the nation. In 2013, he launched US Performance Academy to solve the issues he saw in the competitive athletic world.

“We are really excited to welcome Excel into the USPA family. For years, I watched student athletes struggle to balance their athletics and their academics from both the coach and the teacher perspectives. In speaking with Michael and the folks at Excel, its wonderful that USPA can provide a solution for their serious student athletes. US Performance Academy provides the support and flexibility that high performing athletes need. With such unique aspects such as an individualized schedule, our talented learning coaches for overall support, a network of athletes, and a college-prep curriculum, we are confident that student athletes involved with the Excel program can now focus on being better soccer players without worrying about sacrificing their academics.”

With US Performance Academy providing the education and Excel Soccer Management providing the athletics, students are able to stay focused and thrive in all areas.

More about Excel:
Since 2004 Excel Soccer Management through its own Atlantic Soccer Academy has provided individual soccer players with a proven long term development program towards playing Division 1 College soccer. In addition Excel, through its European affiliate ESSR, now provide opportunities for individual US players to undertake trials with or compete against high level European Academies or Professional club teams.

ESSR, a high performance soccer academy located in Rome, Italy, is changing the game by creating an educational, athletic, and residential academy for promising, young soccer players. For the academics, ESSR has chosen US Performance Academy (USPA). ESSR Academy, in partnership with USPA, has a specifically designed environment to produce well-educated and high performing middle and high school student soccer players from all around the world.

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ESSR Residential Academy is inviting high level, international soccer players from Europe, Australia, Thailand, Africa, and America to enroll into this unique program to help players develop their soccer skills delivered through a UEFA standard with the objective of gaining trials at professional clubs in Europe.ESSR Logo

With ESSR and USPA combined, students are equipped with an academy that puts them at the top of their game, athletically and academically. Stepping into the highest level of competition, students must train harder and longer than they ever have before. Now with ESSR Academy, students spend 39 weeks in Rome, Italy and Manchester, England entrenched in training. USPA has a fully-supported, college-prep, personal, digital classroom that students will attend between and around training and games. With a truly blended learning environment, students go to school and train in the same facility. For athletes, ESSR provides a streamlined process that provides them with more time to train. For parents, it removes the daily runs to school, practices, and home. By understanding and adapting to the demanding schedule of young athletes, the ESSR Academy has become the ideal educational and training organization.

“We have always wanted to provide this opportunity for our athletes,” says Dek Smith, owner and director of ESSR Academy. “Our athletes have always had differing schedules with school and could not dedicate this kind of time training as a team. Now, with the residential program, they can learn and train together with the best tools available. These athletes can share their passion for excellence together.”

ESSR has created a home for the total soccer experience. It was originally designed for all soccer players and coaches who play, coach, watch, and love the game. Keeping its passion and adding an education solution, the ESSR Academy officially opens its doors in September 2015. USPA is excited to be a part of this revolutionary academic and athletic program.

“From the moment I met Dek, I was impressed by his vision of supporting the whole student athlete by offering such a unique and complete program,” says USPA President, Peter Smith. “The problem was, students were here and there, in different schools with growing absences and shrinking grades. Dek wanted these high performing athletes on the same page, same training schedule, but with better opportunities than they’ve had in the past. So we combined our expertise to create this residential program in order to boost their game and their education. USPA provides a digital learning platform with a customized schedule and a highly personal support system. Athletes are training and learning together like never before. For us, it’s very exciting. The USPA community currently supports students from all over the USA. Now, we will have the ability for our athletes to connect and work with students from all around the world.”

More about ESSR:

ESSR Football Academy was launched by Dek Smith in Jan 2005, after spending many years in the game working in England, Wales and in America as a Director of Soccer. To grow in this ever increasing world game that we all love takes a unique, new approach to help players realize their dreams by linking and creating this partnership with US Performing Academy.

Players who register and are accepted to become members of the ESSR Residential Academy will benefit from high level guest coaches from our ESSR links to professional clubs in England, Italy, Australia and America, while obtaining first class education from the USPA program. We are confident this partnership will enhance and provide a complete programme to help young aspiring players achieve their goals without jeopardising their education.

We have asked our ESSR colleagues and directors of football from around the world to identify high level achieving players and present them with a letter of invitation from the academy to become an ESSR Resident Member of the Academy. If you feel you have what it takes to become a professional soccer player and were born between Jan 1st 1998 – Dec 31st 2000, please send your information to the academy at and we will arrange for your nearest ESSR manager to contact you.

The Boston Shamrocks’ Junior Women’s Hockey League has partnered with US Performance Academy to provide athletes with a college-prep education that fits the Shamrock’s demanding in-season schedule.

The Boston Shamrocks is a USA Hockey registered team who plays in the Junior Women’s Hockey League on college campuses against some of the best teams in North America. The Shamrocks also play in top tournaments in the United States and Canada with maximum exposure to college and national team coaches. They have a consistent schedule of practices, strength training, and games. The team also utilizes classroom and video sessions to train in positional and team tactics to develop the entire player.Boston-Shamrocks-Logo (1)

Motivated by developing the entire athlete, the Boston Shamrock’s executive team has partnered with US Performance Academy (USPA) to provide a digital, personalized learning solution for their top athletes. With an intense training and game schedule, these young women can not attend a traditional school with set times and locations. USPA was designed specifically to support the lifestyle of high performance athletes. Each student-athlete has an individualized school calendar and schedule with full support from teachers, coaches, and college counselors. College-prep courses are all held on a digital platform that can be accessed anywhere.

“Our athletes have very demanding schedules and promising futures.” says Bob Rotondo, Boston Shamrocks’ General Manager. “We want to provide each athlete with the best resources available on and off the ice. When it comes it their education, US Performance Academy is the obvious solution. With their experience with student-athletes, flexibility of courses, and support and understanding of the athlete as a whole person, I’m excited to announce that USPA is now our official education provider.”

The new partnership was officially announced on March 30th, 2015. Every Boston Shamrocks athlete will now also become a student of US Performance Academy. The two entities will work as a team to provide the best experience possible for each athlete to achieve their individual goals.

“It’s obvious that Bob and the coaching team at the Boston Shamrocks work hard to develop highly competitive athletes.” says Peter Smith, president of USPA. “We are excited to now be a part of this wonderful organization. We are particularly looking forward to getting to know each student and family and designing the ideal schedule for each individual athlete. It can be challenging to find that balance between training and school, and we look forward to supporting the Shamrock athletes in integrating and succeeding in both areas.”

To learn more about the Boston Shamrocks, please visit their website at