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USPA Academic Overview

The US Performance Academy is an online  school for competitive athletes in grades 7-12.  We offer student-athletes the opportunity to excel academically while pursuing their athletic endeavors in an academically rigorous but flexible environment.

Our instructional model, lead by USPA Chief of Academics Kim Dow, provides student-athletes with multiple tiers of support throughout their academic journey.  Learning coaches work with each student, family and coach to create a balanced academic plan.  To reinforce this plan, learning coaches meet with students several times as week to discuss their progress, help make any adjustments to their plan, and to guide the development of self directed learning and organization skills.  It is this regular interaction with their learning coach that forms the heart of the USPA program.  Learning coaches also work closely with the USPA College Counselor as well as a student’s virtual instructors and tutors.

blue-quote-60-heightUSPA is an absolute game changer for education and in high performance sports for young athletes. When you give athletes the opportunity to align something as important their academic pursuit, with something that they care about so much which is their athletic pursuits, and blend those things together in a way that you know is going to shape and benefit the student athletes in their life forever, I think the question becomes, how can you not be taking a look at a program like USPA.

– USPA Parent uspa-parent-circular
At USPA, our network of athletes live throughout the United States and all over the world and participate in sports ranging from synchronized swimming to luge.  This unique student body of talented athletes have the opportunity to optimize their training because they are able to undertake a curriculum that is not bound by physical location.  The learning opportunities at USPA are broad and include a core curriculum that is augmented by a range of electives and AP courses.  Courses can be started at any time during the year and students have up to twelve months to complete a given academic year.

We hope you will explore our academic community, examine our course catalog and read about our students. We invite you to attend one of our virtual open houses to learn firsthand how our students balance their athletics and academics at USPA.