Nikki, Synchronized Swimming

Nikki gained an interest in her sport because her mother had been a synchronized swimmer. Nikki is part of the Junior Worlds National Team and travels for competition to many locations including Greece, Italy, Russia, Spain, Columbia, and Canada. In 2015, she broke records by winning five gold medals at National Championships, which has never been done before by an athlete of any age. A solo, duet, team, combination team, and figures swimmer, she has won gold in each category at the Senior Nationals in Moraga, CA. She brought home four more gold medals at the Junior Olympics in Greensboro. Nikki says her proudest moment was placing 3rd at the Comen Cup in Greece.
“I feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot in synchronized swimming at my age, representing USA since I was 11 years old at international meets, most recently junior worlds.” Said Nikki Dzurko. “I’m proud that I have fought through thick and thin to compete and be at the best of my ability. I’ve competed with mono, a concussion, the flu, and many other injuries at meets, but somehow I keep on going. I hope to do even more with the sport and this country in years to come. It has always been my dream to go to the 2020 Olympics. I have many people supporting me with this dream, but in the end it’s all up to me and what I’m willing to do to make it happen.”

Nikki’s favorite part of USPA is the flexibility. She enjoys being able to travel and train while staying on top of her school work. She says that as a student, she has become more independent. As an athlete, Nikki says that she has more time to train and be the best version of herself.

The youngest of three children, Dzurko lives with her family in Monte Sereno, CA. She has a dog named Chance and a miniature horse named Opi. Outside of swimming, she enjoys baking, paddle boarding, and street hockey. Her goals are to continue training hard and hopes to one day representing the USA at the Olympics and other world and international Championships.

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