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Network of Athletes

The Value of Our Network

It can be very challenging to continue and train at the highest levels while still managing school and life’s demands. It can become exponentially difficult when your sport requires you to travel for long stretches or multiple times of the year. Plus, students are not necessarily traveling with their classmates. Athletes are spread throughout the world and very rarely are there multiple athletes from the same school, training in the same sport, and traveling to the same events. Middle and high school can be tough enough socially, and finding the time to connect with friends can be challenging outside of school.

At US Performance Academy, we recognize the deep value in connecting kids with similar passions through academics and athletics – a network of athletes. A network of driven students who connect through the US Performance Academy family and can easily relate to the demands and excitement of such high level athletics. These relationships develop through academics and our Challenge Based Learning program where US Performance Academy students collaborate together on a challenge.


How a Network Helps Students

The group can participate and work together because they can take their learning with them. With our unique learning platform, students have their entire school at their fingertips. In fact, if a member is traveling to a location, they can gather raw data to use in their strategy. Or they could interview an industry expert; all of which is connected by their learning coaches.

However, the connections that students make with each other do not need to develop from academic projects. Our students form a network of athletes by attending orientation events and swap travel stories and ideas on how to stay organized on the road. We foster a group of like-minded students who recognize and appreciate what the other student is doing in addition to their academics. Our school celebrates the successes and opportunities that athletics provides.