Michael, Aerial Skiing

Michael is an accomplished aerial skier and has skied all of his life. Michael has competed and trained in Park City, Utah and Buffalo, New York. He has participated in competitions such as Jr. Nationals, Nationals, and the North American Tour. His proudest moment was when he achieved first in the country for his age. When it comes to aerial skiing, Michael says that most people don’t realize that everything is very carefully calculated.

USPA became Michael’s school of choice because it was the best fit for his busy schedule. “It felt like the best fit for me.” he said. “The teachers are so friendly and eager to learn more about me.” As a USPA student, Michael says he has changed. “I believe I have become better at managing my time when it comes to school.” And as far as his sport, “I have bettered myself throughout this year because of my increase of training. Overall I have progressed in strength, and skill.”

After he graduates from USPA, Michael wants to go straight to college to major in business. Outside of aerial skiing, he enjoys playing the guitar and freeskiing.


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