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Life Skills

At US Performance Academy, we teach our students important life skills that will help them succeed.

We know how important their coursework is, but it is equally important to teach skills that can be applied beyond the classroom.

Our athletes’ coaches are noticing changes in their attitudes. Our student-athletes are taking on more responsibility, being more independent, and much more.

Skills that we teach are transferable to student’s relationships, athletics, and overall future.

Students are learning leadership, organization, accountability, time management, independence, problem solving, conflict resolution, goal setting, communication, perseverance, and more.


blue-quote-60-heightShe’s definitely shown that she’s more independent, she’s more responsible, and she’s really trying to stay on top of things. I think she’s transferring those skills into the training as well where she’s more proactive and taking the initiative on how to manage things, whether it’s with school or with the practice.

– Coach of USPA Student USPA-coach-quote-12