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Community Building

How a Community Affects Learning

At USPA, we believe in facilitating a sense of community within our online learning environment. When you join US Performance Academy, you become a member of our unique community of athletes and their families, giving you a support system that provides opportunities for growth.

blue-quote-60-heightI like that I’m part of a community and a school.

– USPA Student USPA-student-quote-10

Student and learning coach working together at Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid.

At the core of our program is a learning coach. This “personal advisor” guides and advocates for each student-athlete—from coordinating their athletic training schedule with their academic program, to providing life skills training and coordination with our college and placement advisors.

Our learning coaches understand and place importance on helping students understand both their individual learning styles, on creating good work habits, and on defining short and long-term goals.

We recognize that the relationships our teachers and learning coaches build with our students directly impacts both student learning outcomes and college placement opportunities.


Whether you are on a college, Olympic, or professional athlete track, your learning coach ensures that you have the opportunity to engage in a range of opportunities available to our community members and to learn what it means to be a contributing member. Many of these activities promote good citizenship, community service, and leadership.

These include:

  • Monthly all school meetings where students meet their virtual instructors, are recognized for academic achievement, and can share their athletic achievements and challenges.
  • College counseling and athlete placement
  • Weekly learning coach meetings (2-3 times per week)
  • Student organizations such as the USPA monthly eMagazine
  • USPA network of current student-athletes as well as our alumni

All of these opportunities are in addition to having access to an award-winning curriculum, including electives designed specifically for high performance athletes as well and highly qualified teachers who understand high-performing athletes and the uniqueness of USPA.