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Seth, Hockey


Seth was inspired to follow in his father's footsteps and play hockey. He trains and travels all over the world and has had the opportunity to go to France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Philadelphia, and

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Michael, Aerial Skiing


Michael is an accomplished aerial skier and has skied all of his life. Michael has competed and trained in Park City, Utah and Buffalo, New York. He has participated in competitions such as Jr. Nationals,

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Juan, Open Wheel Racing


Juan started out racing go carts at 7 years old. Over the years, it became a more serious pursuit. For the past 3 years, Juan has been living in Europe in order to train and compete.

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Sean, Luge


Sean was named to the USA Luge Junior National Team; an accomplishment that goes to only a few young athletes in the country. A promising young athlete, Sean has had many notable results in his

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Seu, Kayaking


Seu is a whitewater slalom kayaker and a flat-water sprint kayaker. She was inspired by her parents who were whitewater slalom kayakers. Her father is an Olympic gold medalist from the 1992 Olympics. Kayaking is a

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Nikki, Synchronized Swimming


Nikki gained an interest in her sport because her mother had been a synchronized swimmer. Nikki is part of the Junior Worlds National Team and travels for competition to many locations including Greece, Italy, Russia, Spain,

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Ria, Canoe Slalom


Ria started out as a recreational whitewater kayaker in 2008 at the age of 6. Her father, who was born in Slovenia, had been a kayaker his whole life so she was very excited to follow

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Seacoast Spartans Partners with US Performance Academy for the Benefit of Youth Hockey Players


US Performance Academy (USPA), an accredited, private, online school created for athletes, and the Seacoast Spartans, an elite AAA ice hockey program, have partnered to provide elite players with the opportunity to develop their hockey

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