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Academic Team

A Community of Support

The USPA academic team includes five groups. Each of these groups plays a key and unique role in supporting each USPA student-athlete. Each member of the student’s team is committed to working collaboratively to ensure that each student engages not only with award-winning, standards-aligned curriculum but that regular communication, web-based meetings, monitoring of student progress and attendance, individualized learning plans, a sense of community and college planning are also woven into the experience.

To ensure students are successful as they advance through their course(s), USPA carefully hand picks a teacher to serve as a mentor (learning coach) for each student.

Our learning coaches are paired with students at the beginning of the admissions process and work with faculty and coaches to build customized academic calendars and to set goals for each semester/year. The learning coach is at the hub of the team and serves as an advocate and main academic point of contact for the student-athlete.

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The Learning Coach

Learning coaches, students and families participate in student orientation and team building exercises to start the year. Additionally, learning coaches and students continue to collaborate and build camaraderie as the academic year progresses. This is achieved through weekly meetings, communication with parents, and support with organizational skills. Our learning coaches sometimes travel to sporting events and meet with students and families in person to better understand all the dynamics in each of our student-athlete’s lives.

The Virtual Instructor

The virtual instructor reviews student progress and works with learning coaches to strategize and implement each student’s learning plan. The virtual instructor supports core instruction and application of new skills through USPA’s curriculum. This occurs through student-teacher one-to-one meetings, live chat support, interactive whiteboard sessions, video-conferencing, phone, text and discussion boards.

Virtual Tutor

The virtual tutor works with students through the live chat and whiteboard communication system to:

  • Employ proven strategies/tactics to help facilitate learning success
  • Review additional course/concept examples
  • Provide anchored instruction
  • Conduct concept demonstration (Virtual White Board)
  • Provide direction to reengage prior knowledge

blue-quote-60-heightI really enjoy having the learning coach and being able to actually communicate one on one with someone.

– USPA Student USPA-student-quote-8
Students can drop in to meet with subject-area instructors for one-on-one or small group instruction.

College Counselor

USPA believes that the ideal college application process is marked by balance, careful planning, and reduced stress—not to mention satisfying results. USPA learning coaches collaborate with our college counselor to best serve each student and their families. Our counselor collaborates with learning coaches and parents to guide and support student-athletes as they consider possibilities beyond USPA. Throughout the program, learning coaches meet with their students to discuss options and identify strengths, interests, and a strategy to discover which colleges and universities best suits them. USPA also utilizes its extensive network of coaches and industry experts so our graduates have access to a unique athletic perspective as they evaluate each of their opportunities.

We recognize the competitive nature of the college acceptance process. As such, we appreciate the standardized testing colleges and universities utilize in evaluating applicants. We offer SAT/ACT preparation programs for each USPA student that is a member of our academic program. Beyond testing, we believe that scores are not the only measure of our students and their athletic prowess. The experiences of our students are what set them apart from other applicants. We want our students to have the ability to perform at the highest levels, while still being fully prepared for success in university classrooms and professional careers.

Parents, Guardians or Other Responsible Adults

At USPA we feel that parents are an integral part of a student’s academic success and can play a key role in the mentoring of their student. The USPA leadership team and a student’s learning coach are always available to meet with our families to discuss optimal work environments, on the road studying strategies and student progress.