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US Performance Academy was designed to solve the problem that today’s young athletes are facing: “How do I choose between my love of competitive athletics and my desire for a strong education?” With US Performance Academy, student athletes do not have to make a choice. We have created a customizable, flexible, college-prep, middle and high school for students who are involved in competitive athletics.
These athletes face the daily challenges of missed classes, missed assignments, travel with stacks of worksheets to complete, coordination with teachers and coaches, a feeling of unbalance in life, and exhaustion. US Performance Academy students and families no longer have to face those stresses.

How Does US Performance Academy Help Parents?

US Performance Academy addresses the challenges that parents often face when their child is training and competing in high performance athletics. Watch this video to see how USPA helped the Jacobi family.

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How Does US Performance Academy Help Students?

US Performance Academy focuses on integrating students' academic schedule with their athletic schedule. Watch the video below to see how that works from one of our very own athletes, Anita.

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How Does US Performance Academy Help Coaches?

USPA is not something that coaches have to manage. We offer a solution for coaches who need a more flexible training schedule. Teams can keep the same training schedule with individualized academic schedules.

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What Makes US Performance Academy Different?

Learning Coaches

US Performance Academy provides students with 1:1 attention with our learning coaches. They serve as a mentor for students and a support system for families. Students also receive 1:1 instruction from highly qualified teachers on our online platform. This allows students to complete assignments on the road, between training, and on a schedule that works for them. Our curriculum keeps students interested and learning in a way that they begin to relate their coursework directly to their life and sport.

Network of Athletes

Our network of athletes around the US provides another layer of support, understanding, and learning. Students who are experiencing the same rigorous athletic schedule, the same excitement of travel, and the same competitive heart are networked together through US Performance Academy. They can share their triumphs, their struggles, and their wisdom. We host multiple regional conferences for students and families to meet and bond. These students are competing against each other on the field and collaborating together in their education.

Life Skills

US Performance Academy values educating the entire student. Organization, accountability, time management, independence, leadership, goal setting, conflict resolution, and communication are just a few of the life skills that we teach. There is a daily emphasis on learning skills that will help students in their courses, in athletics, and in life in general.

blue-quote-60-heightIf I was in a traditional high school, it would be a lot harder to keep up with my academics and be able to travel this much throughout the year. With USPA, they really help me to stay on top of everything and to be flexible when I travel and when I’m out of town.

– USPA Student USPA-student-quote-13

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